Weather Blog: Windy Weekend Weather Changes

Posted at 1:01 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 14:07:24-05

Good Friday bloggers,

We had a cold start to Friday with lows around 20. Today is a nice, but cool fall day with not much wind. That is about to change as the wind will increase tonight and stay up most of the weekend. Gusts will be over 40 mph Saturday into Saturday night.

If you picked up your leaves, well, new ones may be back this weekend as there will be leaves blowing around all over the place. We have leaf picking up weather in the yellow this weekend as temperatures will be tolerable, but the wind may make it a useless effort.


One place that has been seeing a lot of wind is the Atlantic basin where we are having a record hurricane season. Hurricane season ends November 30th, but that does not mean you keep getting hurricanes. 2020 is, well 2020.

Eta has lost its tropical characteristics. But, my goodness look at that path since Halloween when it developed.


Theta became a tropical storm a few days ago, the 30th system of the season breaking the 2005 record. We are adding to the record as Iota is about to form. Wow!


The video below details the weekend weather and if we will see any rain with the wind. We also discuss the ongoing record hurricane season.

Some areas need rain, others do not. There is a swath along and mostly north of I-70 that has been getting somewhat missed the last 30 days.


Have a great weekend and stay healthy.