Weather Blog | Winning weather for Chiefs Championship Parade

Changes to weather pattern begin Thursday
Posted at 6:56 AM, Feb 12, 2024

Good Super Bowl Victory Monday,

Wow! Never, never count out Mahomes. Unreal. Since Mahomes came through again, we are going to have a parade on Wednesday. The first two parades it was rather cold with some light snow on the first one. The third is going to be a charm weather wise.

The parade starts at 11 AM and at that time it will be 45°-50°. If you head out early in the morning, it will be in the 20s. By the end of the parade, we will be making a run at 60°. It will reach 60° most likely just after the parade. Regardless, the weather for this 3rd parade will be far better than the previous two parades. It's amazing this is the 3rd parade after a 50 year drought.


Now let's get to the weather before and after Wednesday as we are tracking some changes.

A storm system is tracking just south of our area this morning. It is producing wet snow along and south of I-44. The band of snow from Pleasanton, KS to Sedalia, MO is mostly not reaching the ground.


This afternoon the storm will pull away leaving our are with some great weather. The snow will track along the Missouri-Arkansas border while we see sunshine with highs around 50° and a light wind.


It will be a nice day with a southwest wind 10-15 mph. It will bring our highs to around 60°.


The weather will be about as nice as it can get in the middle of February. Highs will reach the low 60s with a south wind at 10-15 mph as a cold front approaches I-80.


The cold front around I-80 will move through with some clouds. There may be a brief rain shower early Thursday, but we are leaving the forecast dry as any rain will be quite light.

The Thursday front is a weak front and the first of two cold fronts. We will see highs around 50° with a north breeze at 10-20 mph.

The second, stronger front is organizing in western Nebraska with a small storm system.


The second front will blast through Friday dropping our temperatures to where they should be for this time of year, 30s to low 40s.


Will there be any precipitation with this cold blast?
There will likely be areas of rain and snow as this front is accompanied by a weak system. Right now it looks like the rain will form well east with the snow from around the Missouri-Iowa border and north. So, we have a slight chance to see some rain and/or snow. There is a good chance of being much colder, but more like it should be in February.


There are signs that the cold will not last long, warming back up early next week. The last 5-10 days of this month have a chance to see 1-2 more cold blasts along with 1-2 more storm systems.

Here is a quick look at the temperatures this winter so far. We have had one cold stretch, but overall it has been a warm winter.

December was the 7th warmest, then the Arctic opened up for January and we had the 24th coldest on record. So far the first 10 days of February are the warmest first 10 days of February on record. These records are since 1888.


Have a great week
Stay healthy
Savor the victory!