Weather Blog: Winter Forecast tonight, Possible Record High Today

Posted at 1:51 AM, Dec 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-02 02:51:11-05

Good Thursday bloggers,

Isn't a bit ironic that our winter forecast airs on a day where we have a good chance to break a record high temperature? Well then, irony it is.

The winter forecast airs tonight on KSHB41 at 630 PM.


We use the LRC to make our winter forecast. A unique weather pattern sets up in October and November and begins cycling. So, what happens in October and November is important, but not the end all story.

This is a map showing the temperature departure in degrees from October 6th to November 30th. It really is amazing to see how much warmer than average 95% of the country has been. The central Rockies to the northern Plains have been running 5 to 10 degrees above average. Bismarck, ND had a high of 66° on December 1st which broke the record of 62° set in 1969. The high of 66° was 33 degrees above average. Yes, their average high is 33°. This is not included in the map below.

Our region is running about 5 degrees above average.


Below is a map showing the percent of average rainfall from October 6th to November 30th. Interestingly, the northern Plains are running 400% to 500% of average along with the much above average temperatures.

The driest areas, and they are dry, are located in the southern Rockies to southwest USA. Denver is still waiting for its first measurable snow. Each day that goes by they are building on a record.

Our region is running 150% to 250% of average and this includes the last 17 days which have been mostly dry.


These anomalies above are for sure a piece of what goes into our winter forecast. Tonight at 630 PM we will put all the pieces together. The special will also include a visit from a new mother.
It is not just going to be 70°-75° today, but there will be abundant sunshine and not that much wind. That will make the EOI (Eat Outside Index) a 10 for lunch and an early dinner. That is most unusual for December 2nd in KC.


There are changes showing up, and by the time the Chiefs take the field on Sunday Night Football in America, also on KSHB41, it will be more like December weather.


Details on the changes ahead are in the 6 minute video below. Could we see our first accumulating snow within 7 days? We are not talking about the Sunday chance of snow showers.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend.

Stay healthy.