Weather Blog: Tracking 3 Storm Systems and 1 Cold Front

Posted at 8:59 AM, May 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-02 10:45:21-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

We have seen some great weather the last 2 days. My son and I mowed the yard on Saturday and it was like mowing a frosty malt. The grass was very thick and long after one week. It normally takes 1 hour to mow our yard, yesterday it took three and a half hours. I usually mulch, but bagged this time as there was so much grass and did not want clumps of grass all over the yard. We had to stop every 5 minutes as the lawn bag filled up quickly and grass clogged the blades at times.

The grass growing weather has been ideal with plenty of rain, sunshine and a mix of warm and cool days.

If you have not mowed yet, today and Wednesday will be good days. You may even be able to mow Monday and Tuesday.


We have rain in the forecast today through Tuesday as we track 3 systems and 1 cold front. If we don't get much rain the next 3 days, it is OK as we do not need rain. 2021 has been wet so far as we are nearly 3" above average on rainfall and it has been spread pretty evenly from month to month.


Details on the upcoming rain chances are in the 5 minute video below.

Have a great week and stay healthy.