Wide Variety of Weather this Weekend and the SpaceX Launch

Posted at 8:28 AM, May 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-30 14:56:36-04

Good Saturday bloggers,

The weekend started with 100% sunshine and refreshing temperatures. This is going to change through the day as we track a few disturbances coming in from the northwest and a warm front from the southwest.

Before we get into the weekend forecast, take a look at the May 2020 rainfall totals from around the area. Rainfall in the Kansas City metropolitan area ranges from 7.29" in south Overland Park to 3.64" at KCI airport. KCI is the official reporting station for Kansas City, so this will go down as a drier than average month. And, yes I know there are likely locations that have even less than KCI and more than south Overland Park. It was an odd weather month.

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Now, let's go through our weekend forecast. Below our forecast we will take a look at the chance for the SpaceX launch in Florida.

SATURDAY 5 PM: Take a look at the temperatures. 50s from northwest Missouri to northern Nebraska. 60s across Missouri, north of I-70. 70s will be found south of I-70 in Missouri as temperatures rise to around 90 in southwest Kansas. The cooler air is due to clouds and some rain. Of course, the KC area has the toughest forecast. Temperatures may rise to the low 70s before dropping back down to the 60s as clouds increase.


SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Clouds will increase along with areas of showers and a few thunderstorms. The rain will mostly occur north of I-70. If you get underneath a bigger rain area temperatures may drop to 55-60. The wind will be E-NE at 5-15 mph.


SATURDAY NIGHT-EARLY SUNDAY: Warmer and more humid air will be heading this way and as it does it will create clouds along with a few showers and thunderstorms from Nebraska to Missouri. Some locations will stay dry, others may see a few drops and some may see .25" to .50". Lows will be 55-60. The wind will be E-NE at 5-15 mph.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The showers and thunderstorms will end during the morning and the clouds will exit during the afternoon. The warm front will be on our doorstep. So, we will see highs in the 70s with 80s just to the west. The wind will be SE at 10-15 mph.


MONDAY: June begins under a mostly sunny sky with windy and warm conditions. Highs will be 80-85 and high humidity will be moving in.

After this weekend the next thunderstorm chances will occur Wednesday-Thursday as a weak front tries to slip in. We will look at this more on Sunday.


SpaceX is going to give it a second chance to launch today at 2:22 PM central time. I am not optimistic about the launch as scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around. There are strict weather restrictions when it comes to launching. This is the Florida rainy season, so finding a dry afternoon down there this time of year is low. The launch chance is not zero, so let's see where the showers and thunderstorms are located at 2:22 PM. This data is not promising, but it is not the final word either.
UPDATE: It looks like the weather will be good as the sea breeze front that often causes the thunderstorms has pushed far enough inland, so that the air is more stable at the Cape.


Have a great weekend and stay healthy.