Toby Tobin's 4 tips to tackle your lawn NOW

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It may still be February, but Toby Tobin says there are things you need to know NOW so your lawn will love you all summer long.


  1. Get new gasoline

Toby warns to be careful before you reach for last summer’s fuel. It could be ok if you added a stabilizer but otherwise, go get new gasoline.

“Gas starts going bad at 30 days, and the mowers today cannot take that,” he said.  “Buy premium gas without ethanol, and only buy a 30 day supply.”



  1. Do a ‘short mow’ NOW.

It might seem too early to start the mower, but not for the ‘short mow’. Toby says the brown parts of your grass are dead and won’t green back up, so cut them off.

“You will have the greatest yard on the block first by short mowing!” said Toby.

He said to set your mower blades to 1 ½ to 2 inches to keep your lawn from looking brown after each mow later this spring.

“You only do this once and make sure that you bag. Don’t return the clippings,” said Toby. “Short mowing it allows the soil temperature to warm up faster so that new grass pops and comes out quicker!”  



  1. Have your blades sharpened and balanced

And after you short mow, Toby suggests taking in those mower blades to be sharpened. Leaving it to the professionals might be best so they can balance the blades, too.

“Normally, we recommend to sharpen down the mower blade every ten hours. In the spring, when the grass starts producing those seed heads, it is every five hours,” said Toby. “You should have two mower blades; one for a spare.”



  1. Mow in a new direction each time

When it is finally time to start mowing our lawns regularly, don’t get in a rut with your direction. Mow in a new direction each time to give your lawn that professional look.

“So this week, you went north and south. Next week you’re gonna go east and west or, if you’re like me, then I do diagonals too,” said Toby. “I like all kinds of patterns.”


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