Mostly a nice Labor day weekend with ione main rain chance, late Sunday night-early Monday

Highs in the 80s this weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Weather Forecast Highlights:

  • Dry, warm and humid today
  • Breezy & very warm Sunday, cooler Labor day
  • The one main rain chance this weekend: Late Sunday night into Monday

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Here's Kansas City's Most Accurate Forecast:

Today: Partly to mostly sunny, warm & humid. Winds: W-SW 5-15 mph Low: High: 86°

Tonight: Clear and calm. Winds: S 5-10 mph Low:High: 68°

Sunday: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy, hot and humid. A chance for rain and thunderstorms after the Royals game Sunday night into early Monday. Winds: S 10-20 mph High: 89°

Labor day: A chance of thunderstorms, mainly during the morning. Winds: W-NW 5-15 mph Low: 67° High: 85°

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