Comfortable Today, very hot on Friday

Near 100° on Friday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Weather Forecast Highlights:

  • Comfortable Today
  • Major surge of heat Friday, around 100
  • Steamy Saturday, some thunderstorms then a decent Sunday cold front

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Here's Kansas City's Most Accurate Forecast

Thursday:  Partly cloudy and pleasant. Wind: E-SE 5-15 mph.  High: 82°

Friday:  A slight chance of thunderstorms early, then heating up  Wind: S-SW 10-20 mph.  Low: 67°  High: 100° Heat Index:  110°

Saturday:  Hot and humid with a slight thunderstorm chance.  Wind: SW 5-15  Low: 75°  High: 94° Heat Index:  110°

Sunday:  Cooler and less humid with a nice north breeze.  Wind: N 10-20 mph.  Low: 67°  High: 85°

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