Grab those sunglasses, you'll need them!

Sunshine & 70s for a few days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Weather Forecast Highlights

  • A dry start to the week
  • Sunshine to dominate as we go through the first half of the week
  • A small storm system could bring rain on Thursday

Here's Kansas City's Most Accurate Forecast:

Monday:  Mostly sunny & warmer. Low: 50° High: 72°  Wind: Light N

Tuesday:  Mostly sunny & warm. Low: 46° High: 70°  Game 1 forecast: temps starting in the middle 60s, falling into the upper 50s. Wind: Light S to SE
Wednesday:  Mostly sunny & warm. Low: 47° High: 72°  Game 2 forecast: temps starting in the middle 60s, falling into the upper 50s.Wind: SE 5-10 mph


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