A nearly perfect day is in the forecast

Windy and more humid Wednesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Weather Forecast Highlights:

  • A nearly perfect forecast for today
  • Windy, warmer and more humid Wednesday
  • A chance for thunderstorms by Thursday morning

Here's Kansas City's Most Accurate Forecast:

Today: Mostly sunny. Wind: Southeast 5-10 mph.  High: 75°

Tonight: Clear and calm. Wind: Southeast 5-10 mph.  Low: 51°

Wednesday:  Partly cloudy, windy and more humid. Wind: SE-S 15-30 mph. High: 82°

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms, most likely earlier in the day. Wind: NE 10-20 mph. Low: 57° High: 68°


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