A warmer holiday weekend is in the forecast

Temperatures are heading towards the 50s

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Weather Forecast Highlights

  • Staying steady overnight. 
  • A dry and warm weekend 
  • 50s Friday and Saturday but there may be some clouds at times

Here's Kansas City's Most Accurate Forecast:

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies with south winds helping keep our temperatures.  Wind: S 5-15 mph. Low: 29°

Friday: Mostly sunny with a south to southwest breeze at 10-25 mph. High 54°

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with some sun trying to come out. High 56°

Sunday: Partly cloudy and colder. It will be a bit windy and cold for the Chiefs/Broncos game out at Arrrowhead so bundle up. Low: 30° High: 39°

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