KC couple lose seat at Royals game after ticket duplicated

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 19:21:37-04

What was supposed to be a fun night at the ballpark quickly turned into a strikeout for Alicia Fletcher and her boyfriend, Tyler.

"I wait every year, I go every year," Fletcher told 41 Action News.

She's a diehard Cardinals fan. He's a diehard Royals fan. So when the Cardinals faced off against the Royals in Kansas City, the baseball-loving couple decided they had to go.

"We knew getting them off Craigslist there was a slight chance we were going to be scammed, but we took all the precautionary [measures]," Fletcher said.

In fact, the couple even met with the seller and examined the tickets. They didn't run into a problem until they got to Kauffman Stadium's gates.

"My ticket went through first and we were like, 'Game time. Yes, let's do this,'" said Tyler. "But her ticket didn't go through."

Another fan with the same barcode entered Kauffman Stadium first.

"Once the ticket scans, you are in the game," said Amanda Turk with the Kansas City Royals. "A lot of people like to go to third party sites and see what tickets they can find on there, if they are looking for a cheaper discount, so it does happen."

Fletcher and her boyfriend told 41 Action News they believe the barcode for one of the tickets was visible online. They believe someone used the barcode, duplicated the ticket and stole their seat.

"For something that simple, that easy, that's a problem that needs to be fixed," said Tyler.

To avoid possible scams and dupes, the Royals suggest buying and selling all tickets through or Stubhub. Those are the only two sites the organization can monitor and track.

"The kind of nice thing about buying through or StubHub is that we not only provide you with a ticket that you know is your ticket, but we also provide you with that security so if there is an issue we can figure out immediately what is going on," said Turk.



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