Blue Springs woman concerned about where she caught COVID-19

Symptoms began after a graduation ceremony
Posted at 3:58 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 19:27:15-04

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Blue Springs woman who attended her daughter's high school graduation ceremony has no idea how she contracted COVID-19.

Peggy Hopkins said that about a week after the ceremony, she started experiencing symptoms.

"I had a really high fever. I had body aches, chills," Hopkins said.

Her daughter graduated from Blue Springs High School on July 18 at Children's Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas. Hopkins said the district told everyone to wear masks and social distance.

“They put it on the screen and said it was mandatory," Hopkins said. "But, people were not doing what they were saying to do."

While she does not know if she had the virus before commencement or got it at the event, she also said her day job puts her at risk.

“I am an Uber driver and since this started day one of the coronavirus, I have Ubered every day," she said. "I never got sick."

The Blue Springs mother said she wants the school district to know about her COVID-19 case in case of a potential exposure risk to others who attended commencement.

“I’ve emailed y’all twice," Hopkins said. "I have called y’all and you guys never got back."

However, the Jackson County Health Department is aware of Hopkins' case.

Kayla Parker, communications coordinator for the Jackson County Health Department said the department has reached out to Blue Springs School District and is "working with them."

"We have not had any other reported cases among graduation attendees," Parker said. "We will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly."

A BSSD spokesperson initially told 41 Action News that the health department had not contacted the district about "any confirmed positive cases at our graduation ceremony."

"Our commencement ceremonies were held 16 days ago," the spokesperson said. "Those in attendance were socially distanced at their seats, and masks were required when moving throughout the stadium."

In a later email, the spokesperson said the health department contacted the district after a query from 41 Action News and that "it was communicated to me that they are unable to confidently track the case directly back to our ceremony at this time."

Hopkins said at the end of the day, she wants the district to know she's sick and let people know of the possible exposure.

“I may of gotten it from there or I may of had it. Either way, it should be out and let the others know about it," Hopkins said.