Couples find ways to date during stay-at-home orders

Posted at 9:21 AM, May 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-11 18:53:55-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Having fun and maintaining a healthy partnership during the pandemic is important.

The time you spend with your partner during stay-at-home orders can be the perfect opportunity to connect and reconnect.

41 Action News spoke to a blogger for Kansas City Moms Collective, Kelsey Pomeroy.

She shared a list of stay-at-home approved date ideas:

  1. Play a Minute to Win It games at home.
  2. Have dates based on different countries around the world so you can pretend that you're traveling to Japan one night and learn how to make sushi and do karaoke, or you can travel to Spain and learn how to do the flamenco and have tapas and sangria.
  3. Have a campfire outside.
  4. Do an online escape room.
  5. Have a creative writing night.
  6. Play yard games.
  7. Do a paint by number.
  8. Have a taste testing night.
  9. Reenact "Chopped" in your kitchen.
  10. Take a free college course if you and your significant other want to learn.
  11. Take personality quizzes.
  12. Make bucket lists.

"At the beginning of this, my husband and I made like a pact that we were going to have one date a week, because it's so easy if every day looks the same, to look back on this time and not remember any of it," Pomeroy said.

She said the key is to keep it cheap and keep the planning short.

"It just brings like an element of surprise and it makes the person planning the date night feel like they're doing something special for their loved one. It just makes us feel good," Pomeroy said.