#WeSeeYouKSHB: FosterAdopt Connect turns food pantry into delivery service

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Posted at 1:19 PM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 12:48:47-04

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — FosterAdopt Connect, which supports Kansas City-area foster and adoptive children and the families caring for them, is continuing to serve foster families despite having to close its food pantry.

The organization is going on week three without its food pantry, and in the meantime, workers will be doing home deliveries for families at the highest risk.

Sarah Jeffries, marketing manager for FosterAdopt Connect, said there are about 80 families in the Kansas City metro considered high-risk, but that number is constantly rising.

"Foster parents are doing the hardest work; not only are they managing the crisis and unexpectedly have children in their homes 24/7 because school is canceled, but the kids that they're parenting are children who have experienced abuse and neglect," Jeffries said.

The no-contact delivery service brings about a week's worth of food in boxes to families, including frozen items, canned goods and other staples such as dairy products, flour and eggs.

Workers delivered food to Diane Pulford on Monday. Pulford has been a foster parent to nearly 10 children since 1970. While she doesn't currently have foster children, she keeps in regular communication with other foster families around the metro.

"Without this, I don't know what some of them would do because they can't leave their homes," Pulford said.

The organization is asking community members to donate non-perishable items, face masks and gloves. Those donations can be brought to its headquarters at 18600 E. 37 Terrace S. in Independence and dropped off in a bin outside.

Monetary donations can be made online at