Looking for disinfecting wipes and sprays? Here's what we know about supplies returning to normal

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 07:54:15-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bread, toilet paper and paper towels are back on the shelves, but finding disinfecting wipes and sprays remains a challenge.

The lack of product is a result of what Clorox says is a 500 percent increase in demand for disinfectant.

"In some cases we sold as much in one week as we normally sell in one month," Clorox CEO Benno Dorer told NBC News earlier this month.

The company said it's ramping up production of disinfectants by 40 percent, even making wipes 24 hours a day to meet demand.

"We know that right now we cannot make enough products for everybody to find products at the store all the time, but we're making tremendous progress," Dorer said, "We think we will be in substantially better shape by the summer."

Lysol is facing the same pressure on supplies.

Reckitt Benckiser, the maker of Lysol, said it's on track to produce the same amount of sanitizers in May alone that it made in 2019.

"Our teams have worked around the clock to ensure continuity of supply, all the while prioritising safety. We responded by ramping up production, streamlining our range of products and working with customers and suppliers to overcome significant barriers," the company wrote in a statement to 41 Action News.

Reckitt Benckiser added that for some products, the range has been cut by 50 percent, while output is up to 60 to 80 percent.

The company would not provide a date for supplies to return to normal.

In the meantime, check the EPA website for approved disinfecting products. The agency's list can be searched by keyword.