#Onlinein497: Lawrence School District staying in touch virtually

Posted at 12:10 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 19:52:17-04

LAWRENCE, Kan. — The Lawrence School District is using different ways to keep in touch with their students virtually.

#Onlinein497 is a hashtag being used on social networking platforms in hopes to keep students, teachers and staff connected.

"They came up with a hashtag to like I said to stay connected to our staff, I mean our students to see what they are doing," said Anthony Lewis, Superintendent for Lawrence School District.

Students and teacher are sharing their daily experiences, showing how they are are coping with social distancing.

"It's interesting to see them lounging around on their couch or on their bed, but being engaged and learning," Lewis said.

Lewis said he wants the hashtag to connect everyone from home.

"Letting them know there are other people that are out there, other students and families out there that are going through this as well. We just wanted to find a quick way to kind of stay connected with them. A bit exciting too!" Lewis said.

From lunch with the class via Zoom to homework assignments, people are using the hashtag and posting.

Kristin Mallory, a Lawrence middle school physical education teacher and mother of three, is one of them.

"I caught my son doing one of his class works with the dog sitting beside him and posted that out there," said Mallory, who teaches at Southwest Middle School. "I took another one today of my daughter interacting with her fourth grade teacher."

Mallory said she hopes this hashtag inspires people to keep posting and staying in touch with each other, no matter what they are doing.

"We are not in each others homes right now, we are social distancing, we are away from each other," she said. "So, to kind of see that little look of what others are doing I think is great."