Teams upset after Sporting Blue Valley denies canceled soccer season refunds

Posted at 4:39 PM, May 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-26 18:20:31-04

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Sporting Blue Valley, a local youth soccer club, has parents and coaches frustrated after the spring soccer season was canceled due to COVID-19, but refunds weren't issued.

“It just said that due to these times, they are not able to offer a refund and that was it," parent and coach Brandan Kramer said.

Other parents told 41 Action News they received a similar email from Sporting Blue Valley.

“The message is, 'I’m sorry that there’s not a refund, but we’ll see you in the fall.' That’s the message that we’re getting," Allison Nigro said.

The recreational soccer season would have started in mid-March and gone through April.

Teams told 41 Action News they never had the chance to play a game or even practice before stay-at-home orders were put in place.

“My problem is that there’s no refund and I feel like we did not get to play, we did not get new jerseys, we did not use the field time at all, that’s my issue," Nigro said.

Expecting a refund, parents said they didn't find out until last week that a $50 credit would be put on their account when they register for the fall season — if there is one.

“I’m disappointed with the lack of compassion they’re showing as a community when we should all be coming together," parent Maggie Heilman said.

Most parents that spoke with 41 Action News said they paid $85 per child for the recreational team, while more competitive teams cost more.

According to the Sporting Blue Valley website, all requests for refunds must be emailed prior to the start of a season. Teams say they want to know where their money went.

“In my mind, it’s there for the kids to have fun and get together and appreciate the sport, and when stuff like this happens, it makes you think that that’s not necessarily the goal of the organization," Kramer said.

Sporting Blue Valley has not responded to 41 Action News' requests for comment.

In emails to multiple parents, the league called it a fluid situation and said it would update parents as plans became more concrete.

Many parents say they don't like the way this was handled and are looking at other leagues for their kids to play.