We're Hiring: KC Water looking to fill 180 jobs in varying fields

Posted at 6:16 AM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 07:58:36-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With almost 25,000 fire hydrants, 2,800 miles of sewer main, and 478,000 residents served, KC Water has a big job to do and they are looking for help getting it done.

From digging into the street to keep water flowing through our pipes to testing the water before it gets to your faucet, KC Water is hoping to fill at least 180 jobs right now. Open jobs include engineers, customer service, chemists, heavy equipment operators, maintenance workers and more.

Jeffrey Haskins started his career with KC Water as a maintenance worker 30 years ago.

"Well, as a young man that was exciting, and also it was challenging as well working out in the weather all year round," he said.

Now, he is a utility superintendent.

"Providing water is a life essential saving service, so we take that very seriously here," Haskins said. "When the residents of Kansas City turn on the faucet and nothing comes out, then we continuously answer the bell each and every day."

KC Water is looking for people ready to provide that service every single day.

"Three-sixty-five days a year, non-stop," said Aaron Balliet with KC Water. "I'm looking for somebody that is flexible, adaptable and ready to grow."

It takes some big equipment to keep Kansas City's water flowing and if you've ever thought you'd like to be behind the wheel, this could be your chance.

"We have everything from a regular backhoe to tractor-trailers," Balliet said. "You don't need to come in with a commercial driving license. We have a development program for that as well."

41 Action News watched in a KC Water lab as an employee tested fluoride levels in water samples. Some of the jobs in the lab require a degree and some do not.

KC Water has both full and part-time jobs available. Salaries vary. Some hourly positions start at $14, $16 or $18 per hour and up.

You can find job postings on the KC Water website.

If you don't see a job listing that was mentioned above, you can also email