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Man charged in Indian Creek murders faces more charges

Posted at 2:03 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 23:13:34-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  – A Jackson County Grand Jury Friday filed three additional murder charges against a man already charged with murder along a popular south Kansas City trail.

Fredrick Scott, 23, is now facing charges in the February 2017 death of David Lenox, the April 2017 death of Timothy Rice and the May 2017 death of Michael Darby.

Scott was previously charged in the deaths of Karen Harmeyer, Steven Gibbons and John Palmer.

Friday's announcement brought a mix of emotions for those who knew the victims, including the family of David Lenox.

"It’s kind of a weird day," explained Mike Lenox, David's son. "You don’t feel great about it. It’s better than not having charges.” 

The development came just days after the one-year anniversary of David Lenox's murder.

Police said in late February last year, Lenox was shot and killed as he walked his dogs near Indian Creek Trail.

On Friday, his son told 41 Action News that the new charges brought hope that Scott would answer for Lenox's death.

"It’s been a tough day, a tough year," Mike explained. "Now with the three additional charges, that’s a sense of satisfaction and a sense of justice.”

The series of murders last year brought plenty of worry for people who walked and exercised along Indian Creek Trail.

"For a period of time, I didn’t run through here because I was concerned," said Matt Hendricks, who lives near Indian Creek Trail. "I’m glad to hear (Frederick Scott) is put away. It makes it feel safer here.” 

Matt's wife, Katie, said the charges on Friday against Scott would help things continue to get back to normal in the area.

"Hopefully, we’ll have even more people come out as more and more people begin to feel that closure as well," she explained.

For Mike Lenox, the pain of last year's tragedy still very much remains.

He often thinks about his father, who was known to be an avid sports fan, and wishes he could reach out and talk with him.

"The Alex Smith trade. The Marcus Peters trade. Hopefully, Michael Porter will play tomorrow. I’d love to talk to my dad about that," Mike explained. "Everyday, I wish I could talk to my dad. I can’t. That’s something you just have to live with.” 

One year later, Mike said the tragedy still seemed tough to believe.

"It gets a little bit easier over time. It’s something that we’ll never get over," he explained. "Just to think about a senseless, needless crime of pure evil. You can’t even comprehend it why someone would do that.”

Scott now faces the possibility of the death penalty or life behind bars without parole.

Moving forward, Mike Lenox said he planned to attend Scott's future court hearings.

"We’ll be there and look forward to the day when justice is finally served," he explained. 

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