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Family, AdHoc Group Against Crime to canvass areas 28-year-old was last seen

Timothy "Timmy" Blake
Posted at 9:53 PM, Jun 06, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Timothy Blake, 28, was last seen over a month ago, and police believe he is in danger.

"I’ve known him for seven years," said Jeff Ash, Blake's stepfather. "Musically, him and I connected. Being musicians, we would play, we enjoyed it. In the backyard, around a bonfire, downstairs."

The silence of Blake's disappearance is deafening.

"The last time we had contact was May 3," said Sheila Ash, Blake's mother.

Detectives found Blake’s car about a month after that, but he wasn’t inside. The Ash family tells KSHB 41 the car was wrecked and all that was found were the keys in the seat.

As a mother, Sheila Ash knew something wasn't right when Blake didn't show up for his brother's bachelor party.

"My husband and I both had this feeling — we just wonder if he’s here anymore," she said. "The pit of your stomach ... you know something’s wrong."

Blake is one of 13 siblings.

Timothy Blake's family
Timothy "Timmy" Blake and family

"We were missing one of us," said Victoria Collins, Blake's sister. "We all feel something in our hearts and stomachs that just does not feel right."

Kansas City’s AdHoc Group Against Crime gave their case the standard 24 hours before stepping in. But the group often does not see cases like this.

"What really stuck out is, it’s been 30 days and, as the family said, he’s active with the family," said Edward Burnett, community intervention help specialist for AdHoc. "To not hear from him for 10 days is too much."

With every day that goes by, the family tries to pull together.

"It seems Tim is further and further away," Jeff Ash said.

Jeff says they're holding out for the next time they'll hear Blake's voice.

"We’re riding on our faith in God," Jeff Ash said. "God is in control."

The family has raised $1,000 for information that leads to locating Blake. To increase the reward, the family is collecting additional donations.

AdHoc and the family are having a canvass at 2 p.m. Sunday in areas where detectives have received tips and where Blake was last seen.

Those interested can call AdHoc at 816-753-1111 for information about the location and/or to provide an anonymous tip.