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Pancho's Blanket working to keep Latin culture alive, give back to community through Mexican garments

Posted at 10:51 PM, Oct 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-09 23:51:48-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Brothers Jonathan and Joseph Garvey are designing a new way to appreciate their culture with Pancho’s Blanket.

“Pancho's Blanket is a clothing brand," Jonathan Garvey said. "We sell garments that are ethical and hand-made in Mexico."

With the help of artisans in their home country Mexico, the brothers are crafting a way to keep history and heritage alive.

“We use artisans that use 125-year-old foot pedal looms, and these foot pedal looms are the same way they used to make garments 500 years ago,” Jonathan Garvey said. “Because the Spaniards brought to Mexico foot pedal loom, we thought that was a really unique story."

Located in the KCMO Crossroads Arts District, Pancho's Blanket displays garments that are personally meaningful to the brothers.

“Explicitly Mexican stuff [but also items] from Nicaragua, and we have ponchos from Argentina as well,” Johnathan Garvey said. "We like to represent the Latin culture in general.”

Through their work, Jonathan and Joseph are able to give back to the community.

“The vision is keeping others warm,” Joseph Garvey said. “For the consumers, that’s buying whatever we have, the sweaters, that keeps them warm. But it’s also keeping stomachs warm by giving people food in need.”

The brothers tell KSHB 41 News a portion of sales proceeds go toward their nonprofitcommunity kitchen, Feed a Family.

“That helps provide over 60,000 meals to impoverished communities in Mexico, to Tlaxcala, which is the poorest state in Mexico,” Jonathan Garvey said.

By bringing their garments and generosity to Kansas City, the Garveys hope to button up the gap.

“We are going to be giving a sweater away to those in need, human trafficking victims and homeless people,” Jonathan Garvey said. "We put our money where our heart is and where our mouth is.”