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KSHB 41 I-Team obtains video showing shooting outside North Kansas City High School

Multiple angles show how shooting unfolded along with the chaos and panic that ensued
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Posted at 5:15 PM, Apr 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-05 21:40:44-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It's been just over a month since the March 3, shooting outside North Kansas City High School following a playoff basketball game against Staley High School.

Two people were injured, one an adult, the other an NKC student who was an innocent bystander.

Police say an argument led to shots being fired by five people. So far two people, a pair of brothers ages 18 and 19 are facing charges.

KSHB 41 I-Team's Cameron Taylor put in a records request with the school to obtain surveillance video from that day. KSHB 41 Anchor Caitin Knute spent hours analyzing the multiple angles and videos the district provided.

From looking at the events leading up to, during, and after the shooting, it is apparent that the shooting happened quickly in the midst of a crowd of people who quickly fled the area in a panic.

In one video showing a walkway outside the school, you can see adults, teens, and even young children exiting the building.

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Then, the mood suddenly changes, as people start to scatter, including a woman pushing a stroller.

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Another camera angle from just inside the school shows a similar scene as people leaving the game suddenly start to run for cover, including a man carrying a young child.

None of the video North Kansas City High School provided has audio, save for an intercom camera, that captures two rounds of gunshots, along with the confusion and fear of the crowd.

Watch Caitlin's report in the video player below

KSHB 41 I-Team obtains video showing shooting outside North Kansas City High School

As people run back into the building you can hear frightened voices shouting, "Hold that door, hold that door!" and "They're shooting!"

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As for the actual shooting itself, one camera outside the fieldhouse near the outdoor concession stands shows a group of boys walking, when one in a black hooded-sweatshirt looks back over his shoulder a couple times, before turning around, raising his arm and firing.

Immediately, two boys in a group behind him appear to also pull guns and return fire, one in a dark colored jacket, the other in a light-colored sweatshirt.

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From there, another security camera captures the fight spilling into the parking lot, as both groups of boys run that way.

One young man chases another across the road into the grass across the street.

Slowing the video down, you can see them both raise their arms, again appearing to fire at one another, before one of them crumbles to the ground.

Less than a minute later, two more young men run to his aid, carrying him to a nearby car before driving away.

Last month authorities said there were more than 50 bullets fired, and it's believed those involved all had weapons inside the school building for that basketball game prior to the shooting.

Clay County prosecutors last month charged two brothers for their role in the shooting. Additional charges are possible.