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Police reviewing whether evidence from Haslett home matches remains of missing woman

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Posted at 4:17 PM, Aug 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-03 18:40:04-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Excelsior Springs police are looking into the possibility that Tim Haslett could be involved in the death of a woman whose remains were found in the Missouri River.

On June 24, two kayakers contacted the Missouri State Highway Patrol about a body in the river, near Hills Island Chute, north of Grand Pass, Missouri.

The remains were confirmed as Jaynie Crosdale, whom police were trying to locate because they believe she had information about the ongoing criminal case against Haslett.

Excelsior Springs Chief Greg Dull said Haslett could be a suspect in Crosdale's death, but there could be other suspects.

Dull confirmed to KSHB 41 I-Team reporter Sarah Plake that Crosdale's remains were found in a blue barrel.

Dull said part of the Crosdale investigation is determining whether the barrel matches evidence processed from Haslett's property.

The container had a lid on it and when the kayakers opened it, they discovered her remains.

Dull described the barrel as smaller than a typical 55-gallon drum barrel, and would not be something anyone could buy at a hardware store.

Dull couldn't give an exact timeline of when Crosdale went missing, however people in touch with the Crosdale family guess she could have gone missing around summer 2022.

Investigators believe at some point, Crosdale and Haslett had contact when she was still alive.

In January, Dull said they wanted to find out if Crosdale had any information about the criminal case against Haslett and the victim who escaped from captivity in his house. They also wanted to find out if Crosdale was a victim herself.