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Kansas City residents come together to cleanup damage after overnight storms

June Storm Cleanup
Posted at 3:06 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 19:03:02-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was a whirlwind of a Wednesday for residents across the Kansas City area, as they were tasked with cleaning up from last night’s severe weather.

There was a widespread sense of relief that no one was hurt, even as people assessed damage.

Linda Minson lives in south Kansas City, and it wasn’t her phone alert that woke her up Tuesday night.

"Well it was scary because my cat woke me up, he was insistent on waking me up," Minson said. "And then I heard the alarm, it went off, the alert on my phone, which is right by my bed."

Minson said she quickly responded to the situation.

"I immediately grabbed my cat and my favorite guitar, and went downstairs," Minson said.

She avoided any damage to her property, as a tree fell away from her home.

"They do trim that side, but luckily it fell right below the power line," she said.

A half hour to the north, there was one street in particular where neighbors recalled a scary night.

"I was asleep, and then around one or so, I woke up with the wind first," Emily Holly said. "And then all of a sudden — a huge crash.

Holly's home took a direct hit.

"With the garage, I’m going to need a new one, so we’ll see how that goes," she said.

Her next door neighbor, Katie Camlin, also spent the day cleaning up. Her boyfriend’s car took a hit too.

"There was a tree that had broken and fallen on his back windshield, [it] broke the windshield and dented the trunk," she said.

Neighbor said they had been without power since the storms blew through. What they’re not lacking, is a sense of community here.

"As much as this is terrible, it’s been an awesome day to see everyone come together," Holly said.

"They bought pizza for everyone today, there’s about four chainsaws going," Camlin said. "It’s been really heartwarming honestly, it shouldn’t take something bad for the sense of community to happen, but it’s nice to see it."