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KC Water inspecting 90-year-old water pipe

Posted: 11:44 AM, Dec 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-11 12:53:48-05
KC Water inspecting 90-year-old water pipe
KC Water inspecting 90-year-old water pipe

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — KC Water is using a camera to inspect a water pipe that runs under the Missouri River. 

The pipe was built 300 feet underground in the 1920s. The camera will run the full span of the pipe looking at the condition of the concrete, how well the joints are holding and whether any cracks have formed. If they do find issues, they'll need to talk to an engineering firm to get them fixed. 

"You could coat it, patch it, but we'll have to take a look at what is the best solution to solve the problem," said Mike Klender, KCMO water plant manager.

This pipe is in really good condition, despite its age. 

"This should last forever," said Klender."It's constructed in concrete. The only thing that could impact it is if the New Madrid fault decided to become active and do a little shaking around here. The way they constructed it, 300 feet down into the base and bedrock, the chances of any issues to occur is very slim." 

This city won't have the official results until 2019.