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KCUR reporter, who radio station reported died Sunday, was 'incredibly humble'

Aviva Okeson-Haberman was 24 year old
Aviva Okeson-Haberman
Posted at 8:40 PM, Apr 25, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It's a single shot that has shattered the world of those who loved and knew KCUR reporter Aviva Okeson-Haberman.

A concerned coworker came by her apartment Friday after messages to went unanswered.

"Somebody walked over to her house and looked like they were spooked about something," neighbor Jovel Bowen said. "She got on the phone and next thing you know the police showed up."

There are now a lot of unanswered questions of how a bullet pierced Okeson-Haberman's bedroom.

Two days, later Kansas City, Missouri, police haven't said much, referring the press toinformation released Friday, citing it's "an active and open investigation."

KCPD officers had responded to the 2900 block of Lockridge Friday afternoon for a welfare check, where a female victim was located with "an apparent gunshot wound."

Police have not yet identified the woman from the welfare check as Okeson-Haberman. However, Sunday afternoon, KCUR announced she died.

Other neighbors who also saw the scene of first responders were heartbroken to hear about Okeson-Haberman's passing.

"It’s sad that a person can’t live their life and go on with their life unless somebody's doing something stupid, and somebody end up dying," Necy Oates, a neighbor, said.

The 24-year-old reporter most recently covered Missouri government and politics at KCUR, where she also interned while studying at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

At Mizzou, she won awards competing against professionals on a national level and covered stories as a student that resulted in state investigations.

"She was incredibly humble," Ryan Famuliner, a Mizzou journalism professor and the news director, at KBIA-FM told 41 Action News. "You would have never guessed that she was somebody that was such a firm and dogged reporter because she was just so kind and gracious and just a joy to be around."

A few weeks ago, Okeson-Haberman tweeted she was excited to join the Kansas News Service. KCUR said in its reporting that "hours before she was shot, she’d been looking at an apartment in Lawrence."