Kopetsky family ‘hopeful' remains found in Cass County are Kara's

Kopetsky family hopeful' remains are Kara's
Posted at 2:35 PM, Apr 06, 2017
and last updated 2020-01-03 13:56:34-05

Although disheartened that it could take up to a year to identify the second body found in Cass County this week, Kara Kopetsky’s family is hopeful it is Kara, and they are thankful that the findings may bring the "resolution" they have been searching for for nearly a decade.  

Kara disappeared in May 2007.

While one set of remains was positively identified as Jessica Runions late Wednesday, both the Runions and Kopetsky families have leaned on one another for support.

James Beckford, Kara's stepfather, thanked the Runions family and the entire community for their insurmountable support, especially right now while they wait to find out if their missing daughter has in fact been found.