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Missouri sports bettors line Kansas highway to place bets

Posted at 6:01 PM, Mar 24, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Missouri sports bettors have designated a unique spot across the state line to gather and place bets ahead of games big and small.

“It’s always hilarious to me because I know exactly what they are doing because I do the same thing,” said bettor Cody McKimens. “It makes me happy I’m not the only Missouri person driving out here to go do it.”

Show-Me-State bettors' cars were lined under the overpass of the intersection of Interstate 435 and Kansas 5 during football season, as seen in a video shared by a viewer.

Now, amid March Madness, basketball fans are back at their spot placing NCAA tournament bets.

The avid bettors told KSHB 41's Abby Dodge the phenomenon is well known by those in the betting community.

“This is the first exit. It’s the most convenient spot,” said AJ Kurke, a friend of McKimens. “So we just ended up here.”

In addition to convenience, Kurke said comradery is what brings him back.

Other bettors have even drawn up big ideas for the land around their coveted overpass.

“We all need to collaborate and put a little place over there,” said bettor Evan Harter. “A little watering hole or something until Missouri legalizes it.”

Missouri Senate Bill 852, which would authorize sports wagering, is up for consideration this legislative season.