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Only on KSHB 41: Kansas sisters share story after receiving Garth Brooks' signed guitar

Kansas sisters receive Garth Brooks signed guitar
Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 08:06:55-04

KANSAS CITY, MO — Garth Brooks performed in front of a sell-out crowd on Saturday night at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

70,000 plus fans were there as part of his stadium tour. Two of the smallest fans in the crowd got his attention with a sign, and he responded with an unbelievable gift.

Giada, 12, and Giules, 10, only found out they were going to see Garth Brooks the day before the show.

"I was losing my mind cause it was my first concert," Giules said.

So they made a sign to get Brooks' attention.

“I chose gold, because I thought gold was gonna stick out more,” Giules said.

Late in the show, as the country music superstar read signs in the audience, he spotted the gold sign the two young sisters made for the show.
The sign said, “Garth… it’s our 1st concert.” After reading the sign, Brooks announced that he should sign something for his young fans.

“I thought he was gonna sign the back of that sign," Giada said.

But the country music legend had bigger plans. Re-reading their sign so that he could correctly spell their names, Brooks signed the guitar that he’d been playing for almost two hours to a packed crowd.

"I freaked out,” Giada said.

“My eyes turned like bright, big," Giules added.

It was an unreal moment for this family, surrounded by screaming fans, and suddenly holding a very valuable piece of memorabilia.

"The moment we got the guitar, it was crazy,” Giada said. “One, how many people started surrounding us, and two, how many police officers that started coming over to make sure like nothing happened."

The family says security escorted them all the way to their vehicle after the concert, stopping only to take pictures with a few people. They were suddenly celebrities in the huge stadium parking lot.

"I rolled down my window, and they go, ‘You're the guitar family,’ and didn't say our names or anything,” Giules said. “They just said ‘guitar family.’”

Guitar family seems pretty fitting.

The girls’ father, who was with them at the concert, plays a little and the girls want to learn. And this signed guitar will likely be inspiring future family members for years to come.

"We were talking about it last night, when we were supposed to be in bed, but we couldn't sleep,” Giules said. “We are going to pass it on from oldest to youngest, and then to our kids, if we ever have any."

The girls say the plan is to build a bulletproof, fireproof case to house the guitar. Giada said that if she does start learning to play the guitar, it won't be on that one. The girls intend to send Brooks a note, thanking him for the incredible gift.