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'I want them to rethink': Crossroads property owner awaits fate of business ahead of stadium vote

Crossroads property owner awaits fate of her business ahead of Royals stadium vote
Posted at 7:33 AM, Apr 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-01 08:51:41-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With the future of the Crossroads at stake, the looming decision on the construction of the new Royals stadium has left many business owners on edge.

Sarah Hoffmann is one of many businesses that sit in the footprint of the stadium. Opening a business in the city has been years in the making for her.

"It was going to become especially important for us to show Kansas City what is special about our business, why it's worth preserving," said Hoffmann, owner of Green Dirt on Oak.

After much planning, like many other businesses in the Crossroads, Green Dirt could be impacted by the newly proposed Royals stadium. The news for Hoffmann was hard to comprehend.

“It was gut-wrenching. It was terrible. It was a really hard day, actually. And then we knew we had to do something about it," Hoffmann said.

For weeks, Hoffmann has been having conversations with the Royals to show them why her business should stay, while also giving the team a tour of the work that went into bringing her vision into reality; talks she did not expect to have ahead of the grand opening.

“I don't think it matters that much to them what our goals are. They have their goals, we have our goals," Hoffmann said.

Hoffmann sits in a unique position since she is the owner of her building. With all negotiations happening between the team and property owners, she said she intends to do whatever it takes to stay in the Crossroads.

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“We didn't come down here to build this business here and in this spot to be displaced," Hoffmann said. "I will definitely want to fight that.”

KSHB 41 News reached out to the Royals for a statement on what the teams plans to do with property owners who don't intend to sell their building. The Royals referred to the latest updates on theircampaign's X handle.

With much uncertainty for many business owners in the Crossroads, many await the April 2 election day for further information on what the future holds for them and their business.

“I want them to rethink their plan to put the ballpark in the crossroads. I want them to take another look at the East Village. I want them to stay, but I don't want them to stay here," Hoffmann said.