Mother confirms Toni Anderson's body found inside car in Missouri River

Posted at 2:27 PM, Mar 10, 2017

UPDATE 3/12/2017: Toni Anderson's mother says officials confirmed that her daughter's body was the one discovered inside the vehicle pulled from the Missouri River last week.

Police have yet to confirm that to 41 Action News but have said that it was Anderson's vehicle was the one pulled from the river. 

Toni Anderson's mother, Liz Anderson, said police told her there were no signs of a struggle and do not expect foul play.

Liz Anderson also said her family is "incredibly grateful" for the help and support they've received from the community, media and police. 


Police confirmed Toni Anderson’s car was recovered from the Missouri River in Parkville. Detectives found the body of a woman inside the car. Police are unable to identify the body at this time. 

Police said while conducting sonar checks in the Missouri River, Team Watters Sonar alerted KC police detectives to two vehicles in the Missouri River. 

The first vehicle was an SUV. It was pulled from the river around 1:30 p.m. Friday. Police said they don't believe it's related to any KCPD investigation. 


After 6 p.m., Missouri State Highway Patrol divers pulled a second vehicle from the Missouri River. Police identified it as the car Anderson was driving the night of her disappearance in January.

Detectives found a female body inside the car. They are not able to confirm the identity of the body at this time. 

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Dennis Watters of Watters Sonar & Recovery said divers were looking in the area where they found Anderson's car because it was near where her phone last pinged. They had to bring professional divers out to the site because of how strong the current is. Watters also said Anderson's car was found upright underwater. 

Anderson’s parents hired a sonar team to search the Riss Lake area on Friday. KCPD assisted the team with their search of the river.

Anderson was driving a black Ford Focus the last time she was seen.



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