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‘Too good for this world’: Drexel Mack’s family remembers his life

Drexel Mack and family
Posted at 11:17 PM, Mar 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-04 20:04:22-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Drexel Mack’s family says he was born to serve.

“He always wanted to be a police, always,” said Carmon Mack, Drexel Mack's younger sister.

Drexel Mack was killed, along with Independence Officer Cody Allen, while serving an eviction as a civil process server in Independence on Thursday.

Carmon Mack, Drexel Mack and their older sister, Helen Lightbourne, are biological siblings. Carmon says, however, their family is much larger and full of half-siblings, adopted siblings, and dozens of nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

“We have family members across seas, in the Bahamas, Virginia, Miami, Maryland, all over,” she said.

Rasheedah Bryant grew up with Drexel Mack, Carmon Mack and their other siblings in Florida, and says he was her little brother. She explained how a large part of their family followed Lightbourne to Kansas City.

“We’re from a rough part of Florida, like the First 48 part of Florida,” Bryant said. “So, coming here was a major change for all of us.”

Bryant says they grew to love Kansas City, even after Lightbourne moved away. For the family that is left, including Drexel Mack’s financee, they’re leaning on each other now that a large part of their family is gone.

“This hit hard, it hit real hard,” Bryant said. “It’s unreal still, it’s hitting in waves. He was too good for this world.”

They’re finding comfort in the memories they still have.

“He was a great big brother, a great father, to many children,” Carmon said.

His nephew, Quayson Williams, says Drexel Mack was an incredible role model.

“We all looked up to him, he was an amazing man. He was always motivated and he always pushed us as kids, as young Black kids, to do better. He made me watch all the 'Saw' movies in one night. I didn’t like that,” Williams said while laughing.

Beyond memories, they’re left with questions.

“Why would you shoot? I’m not understanding this,” Bryant says.

Williams says the family knew his job was dangerous, but not life-threatening.

“He was just doing his job,” Williams said. “Nobody expected an eviction to go this crazy. Everybody, all your family already knew (about) this role you wanted, but we still worried about you.”

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Carmon Mack even recalled a time when Drexel Mack called her and told her that he thought he heard gun shots while doing an eviction before.

“You think you’ll consider a desk job, or something inside the building?” she asked him when that happened.

She says all three of them — herself, Bryant and Williams — all have backgrounds in security, so they know what it takes.

“I told him, 'Bro, I’m praying for your protection everyday,'” Carmon Mack said.

Lightbourne has since moved away from Kansas City, but she organized this GoFundMe for her brother.

As they wait for answers, they’re making peace with what they do know.

“He died doing something that he loved,” Bryant said.