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Toys, gaming systems donated to children shot after Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade

KC donates to kids impacted by shooting
Posted at 5:09 PM, Feb 19, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Various organizations around the Kansas City metro leaped into action after more than 20 people were shot at the conclusion of the Chiefs Kingdom Champions Victory Parade.

Online donation platforms like GoFundMe and United Way's KCStrong fund have received more than $1 million in donations.

“So many folks came out to support these folks monetarily,” said Sam Kulikov, KC Pioneers founder. “From the gaming perspective, we realized we could provide these kids a moment of respite from some of that potential trauma they have experienced last week and give them an opportunity to just escape.”

Kulikov and his counterparts at Level Up Arena have collected dozens of gaming devices and computers for kids who spent days in hospitals because of their injuries.

He received additional help from other gaming programs, Hy-Vee Arena and Nebraska Furniture Mart, to make it happen.

“Cause that’s just what Kansas Citians do,” he said. “They put down whatever they have going on to lend a hand during times of need.”

Sammie Magee watched from just outside the area with an ache in her heart during Wednesday afternoon’s coverage of the shootings.

“This just hit way too close to home this time, and I feel like I have to do something to step in and help,” said Magee, 17.

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Magee started a toy drive in 2022 after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas.

After Wednesday’s shooting, she expanded her efforts to her own community.

“My complete drive with this is the 21 victims from Uvalde, Texas. Even in death, I am still able to help them carry on their memory, and they are still helping people,” she said. “Now their memory is making it to Kansas because they are helping kids here.”

Virtual donations are being collected through an Amazon Wish List.

“If it’s something they really want, it can take their mind off of the scary things for a minute,” Magee said.

She is also taking monetary donations via Venmo — @Sammie-Magee — for the future needs of victims as she continues to meet affected families.

Kulikov is looking to connect with more families impacted by the parade shooting to connect them with gaming devices the children treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital do not need.

He can be reached through KC Pioneers or Level Up Arena social platforms.