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'I can’t imagine if it was 5 feet lower': Prairie Village neighbors talk flood control project after downpours

Posted: 7:44 PM, Jul 08, 2024
Updated: 2024-07-09 08:22:23-04
Prairie Village

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — High flood waters were a problem for years near 68th Street and Mission Road in Prairie Village until the city completed a $4.4 million flood control project in April.

The project, funded by both Johnson County and Prairie Village, showed its success after heavy rain last week.

Brush Creek

"I was looking out the top window over the creek waiting on it to overflow and luckily that did not happen," said Kylan Whitmer, who lives in Prairie Village.

The project raised Mission road about four feet, built new retaining walls and side walks to prevent flooding.

Whitmer thinks it was done just in time for this summer's weather conditions.

Brush Creek Flood Control Project

"We do have to pay flood insurance because of FEMA," he said. "That's a high risk we took buying this house."

Kylan Whitmer
Kylan Whitmer

There was a time when it really rained near Brush Creek it flooded requiring several water rescues.

"That's always a worry when you're right across the street from the creek," Whitmer said. "Is this gonna be the time when that happens?"

From Whitmer's front door to Brush Creek, he can watch the new project doing its job exactly how it should.

"This storm would've flooded our house if it weren't for the project," Whitmer said."I can't imagine if it was five feet lower."

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