Many still without power following Thursday storm in Kansas City

Posted at 9:48 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 23:22:11-04

Around 2,000 KCP&L customers were still without power as of Thursday night, more than 12 hours after heavy storms led to outages across the metro area.

Many of the outages were reported around Raytown, Overland Park, and Gladstone.

Electric crews are expected to work into Friday, and KCP&L says many customers will likely have power back by Friday night.

Cheryl and Terry Moran, who live in Kansas City, Missouri, were some of the many people left in the dark Thursday evening.

The couple said power was lost around 6 a.m. Thursday, which led to all sorts of issues for them.

"I was going to do some work on the computer today, so I didn't have that," said Cheryl Moran, who has lived with her husband at their home on East 105th Street for around 40 years. "I'm planning a trip soon. I was going to get online this morning and make my hotel reservations. I couldn't do that."

The power outage on Thursday morning led to the Morans scrambling to keep food cool.

It also led to some health concerns for Terry Moran, who is diabetic.

"I have to take insulin for diabetes, so you have to keep the unused insulin cool," he explained.

On Thursday, KCP&L gave out dry ice outside the Home Depot off Metcalf Avenue to try and bring relief to customers without power.

Cheryl Moran was one of the dozens of people who stopped by.

"You forget how dependent we are on electricity," she said.

Dry ice, which is cooler and longer lasting than regular ice, was expected to help keep customers' refrigerators and contents inside cool.

"This kind of helps keep that freezer cold for about 24 hours and just kind of help people get over that hump," explained KCP&L worker Michelle McConnell.

The Morans stuffed the ten-pound block of dry ice they received at the top of their freezer.

Cheryl Moran hoped to keep some chicken she recently bought from spoiling.

"We just went grocery shopping so I have a whole plate of chicken downstairs," she said.

While the dry ice was helpful, Cheryl Moran hoped power would be restored soon.

"I'll be very very grateful," she explained. "It'll be wonderful."

Workers will give out more dry ice tomorrow starting at 7 a.m. at the Home Depot on Bannister Road. 




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