Officers needed in Lenexa, around the nation

Officers needed in Lenexa, around the nation
Officers needed in Lenexa, around the nation
Posted at 8:19 PM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-26 21:19:27-04

The lights and the action of the job may make it seem like a good time, but being a police officer is no walk in the park.

This is something college student Brandon Woods understands as he considers joining the Lenexa Police Department.

"Putting your life on the line daily to protect the ones you love is one of the greatest rewards someone can do, so that's what (pushed) me to become a police officer," said Woods.

It's not just in Lenexa that there's a shortage of police officers. It's nationwide because of the dangers that go along with the job.

In a 2006 study from Golden Gate University in California, negative publicity of police officers impacted lower recruiting numbers.

Since then, there have been even more incidents of police and the public clashing, including the unrest in Ferguson. 

"With some of the national events that have taken place, it can discourage people from wanting to become a police officer because they see it is a dangerous job," said Dan Friesen, master police officer for the Lenexa Police Department. 

That same study found more students seeking high education, evolving opportunities in technology and the private sector.

Increased military forces needed for war also played a part in the decrease of people wanting to get a police badge.

Here in Lenexa, they are looking to fill five police officer positions.

Friesen says the pool gets even smaller after filtering those who don't make it through training or if they have a criminal background.

"We'll go to a lot of these and not get any applicants out of it. We will go to one and maybe get three, so you just never know," said Friesen.


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