Weather Blog: Spring forward tonight as winter hangs on

Posted at 8:46 AM, Mar 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-11 11:30:57-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

Remember to set the clocks ahead one hour tonight. At least many clocks are automatic. Also, it is a good time to check the smoke alarm batteries.

The weather today is following the pattern of the winter. We are seeing a cold rain as it is just 3-5 degrees too warm for snow. Northern Missouri, near the Iowa border, may see snow today.

We have seen 12.65" of rain since Oct. 1, but just 8.7" of snow. If all of the rain was snow, we would have seen 126.5" of snow!

We have just one or two days out of the next 10 days where we will see temperatures above average. The average high is in the 50s with average lows in the 30s. Now, are we done with snow in KC for the season? This cold air is certainly keeping the door open for snow.

We likely have one or two chances to see snow and one chance arrives during the next week.

Details are in the four-and-a-half minute video below.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.