High school seniors 'cheated' out of graduation due to coronavirus

Kansas governor ordered all schools to close
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Posted at 2:56 PM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 18:48:17-04

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Millions of high school seniors are supposed to graduate in the next few months, and those end-of-year events, prom included, are supposed to be highlights as they wrap up their high school careers.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, they won’t happen.

Cali Seck, a senior at Blue Valley North High School in Overland Park, said she is shocked and in disbelief that she will not be able to set foot back in her school.

On Tuesday, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly ordered all schools in the state to remain closed for the remainder of the academic year to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19.

"It hasn't fully set in yet that I am not going to go back to Blue Valley North," Seck said. "It's just a lot of confusion right now. So yeah shocked and confused."

The senior is trying to wrap her head around the sudden end to her high school career both in the classroom and on the softball field.

"It feels weird because I have been playing softball for 14 years and this was going to be my very last season. Now, I don't have that last season," Seck said.

Her friend Kenna Dehn from Gardner-Edgerton said she feels the same way.

"I am upset that I am not going to get to finish my last year of high school," Dehn said.

That means probably no prom or graduation.

"Just the thought of knowing that I might not be able to wear my prom dress that I have had for months or my cap and gown is very upsetting," Dehn said.

Instead of physically going into school, students will learn online.

"I am not sure how I am going to learn a subject like math over a computer," Dehn said.

While these seniors might be sad about missing out, Seck is more worried about her friends' mental health.

"I feel like this can effect them a lot and worries me very very much so," Seck said.

Seck said she has hope for the future, though.

"They are not going to leave us without doing anything. They are going do something, I mean it's a given. There is no way they can just leave us without any celebration," Seck said.