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KCI plans study regarding automated people mover at new airport

Posted at 6:23 PM, Dec 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-27 19:23:04-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With a new terminal being built to replace Kansas City International Airport, there's also a new idea for how to get around the airport.

Deputy Director of Aviation Justin Meyer said the airport is getting ready to do a feasibility study on the possibility of installing an automated people mover, or APM.

"In the very near future, we'll be selecting the company that will be doing the study and then really just looking for some professional guidance on best practices as well as the financial picture of if this is something that would be able to pay for itself," Meyer said.

Meyer said the APM, if constructed, would move travelers from the consolidated rental car facility to the new terminal. The study also will look at the possibility of moving the economy parking lot, which would then be included along the APM route to the new terminal.

Kansas City native Brad Teeman, who flew into KCI on Friday, said the addition would make it easier on travelers to get around the airport.

"It would save definitely a couple minutes, and I mean that always helps," Teeman said.

Meyer said, if an APM is added, it probably would not be completed until several years after the new terminal opens, which is scheduled for early 2023.

Tracy Marsh, who traveled to Kansas City with her family from Las Vegas on Friday, loves the idea.

"I think it would be really efficient," Marsh said. "Especially when it's cold out, we always dread flying in the winter time."

The study also will investigate into what type of APM would be best for KCI. Some are on rails, some have wheels and some have drivers, so there are a wide variety of options.

If constructed, Meyer said the funding for the APM would come from airport revenue and user fees. No tax dollars would be used.