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Retired KCPD major describes process of executing search warrants

John Hamilton
Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-01 18:15:31-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo — A late-night search warrant turned into a day-long standoff, ending with authorities finding one man dead inside the home they attempted to enter Tuesday night.

John Hamilton is a retired Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department, major. He worked to gather evidence for tactical teams like the one used Tuesday night.

“The investigator is key to kind of know the best way to work this thing,” he said. “The team like what was in place last night, that’s what they do. They’ve seen a wide variety of these kinds of events.”

Hamilton said warrants have a wide range of severity and risk, with drug-related warrants being the most dangerous.

KSHB 41 continues to ask investigators what officers were looking for while executing a search warrant that landed three tactical officers in the hospital with serious, but non-life-threatening injuries.

Tuesday night’s shooting comes after a recent death of a KCPD officer in a car accident.

Hamilton said the recent weeks can have an effect on officers and their families.

“Spouses, children, significant others, other people in the department, they are suffering, they are worried too,” he said. “How they react and how they feel about the job will certainly affect the officer as the officer comes to do the job.”

Hamilton added in recent years officers have started to use more mental health resources.

“I think what’s really nice about the positive part of police culture is the fact that there is a bond that’s there,” he said. “There will be the ability for people to talk to each other, to be help each other, to reach out and do things. I think that helps.”

Law enforcement continues to investigate this case.