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ELECTION RESULTS | Kansas City-area election results from Tuesday, April 2

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10 p.m. | While our coverage of tonight's results continues, this will mark the last update for the night in this story.

Chiefs, Royals, Mayor Lucas react to sales tax defeat
Voters overwhelmingly turn down Question 1
KSHB 41's Charlie Keegan explores what's next after voters reject plan

9:24 p.m. | The Royals released an official statement on X.

9:15 p.m. | KSHB 41 reporter Megan Abundis received reaction Tuesday night from Chiefs President Mark Donovan and Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman.

"We won a baseball game but we didn’t win this," Sherman said. "We are deeply disappointed. We are steadfast that Jackson County is a better place with the Royals and Chiefs."

Sherman said the team would take time to reflect and find a path forward that works for the Royals and for the fans.

The Chiefs' Donovan said the club felt it put forward the best offer but ultimately that they respect the voters' decision.

"We want to thank everyone that worked tirelessly on our behalf," Donovan said. "We appreciate the effort. We will look to do what is the best interest for our fans and for our organizations."

9 p.m. | Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas, who endorsed the stadium sales tax last weekend, has released a statement on tonight's vote:

"The people of Kansas City and Jackson County love the Chiefs and the Royals. Today, they rejected plans and processes they found inadequate," the mayor said on Twitter. "Over the months ahead, I look forward to working with the Chiefs and Royals to build a stronger, more open, and collaborative process that will ensure the teams, their events and investments remain in Kansas City for generations to come."

8:45 p.m. | The Kansas City, Missouri, Election Board has posted its final unofficial results from today's election, showing a 24 percent voter turnout.

NO: 30,791 (58%)
YES: 22,399 (42%)

These figures do not include results from the rest of Jackson County.

8:30 p.m. | The Kansas City Election Board just released a batch of more than 32,000 ballots. In KCMO proper, no votes (18,697) are still outpacing yes votes (13,557).

KCMO proper combined with Jackson County show roughly 58 percent of the vote going no, with 42 percent going yes.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 8.34.28 PM.png

8:25 p.m. | With a little more than 14,000 ballots counted so far in Jackson County, the "No" vote is taking in 61 percent compared to 39 percent who voted "yes."

7:50 p.m. | While it's not going to have any new numbers for the stadium sales tax question, we did just receive the first batch of roughly 1,300 ballots cast in Platte County.

LINK | Platte County election results

7:30 p.m. | As we wait for additional batches of votes to be counted, we want to share a report earlier today from KSHB 41's Caroline Hogan.

Caroline caught up with Royals great Willie Aikens to get his reaction to the future of Kauffman Stadium.

Watch Caroline's story in the video player below.

Former Royals player weighs in on Kauffman Stadium's future

7:10 p.m. | Jackson County Election Board has released the first batch of results - the roughly 5,200 or so absentee ballots.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 7.15.55 PM.png

7 p.m. | Polls are now closed across the area. It's going to take a bit before we start to receive results.

On Monday night, election officials said they had already received 5,200 advance ballots.

"That's unheard of for an April election," said Tammy Brown, Jackson County Board of Elections Director Tammy Brown told KSHB 41.

Earlier today, KSHB 41's Abby Dodge kept tabs on turnout throughout the day on Tuesday.

Watch Abby's report in the video player below.

Kansas City Election Board predicts increase in voter turnout for Tuesday's election

Kansas City’s election board predicted a voter turnout in the low 20 percent range. Those estimates were on pace throughout the afternoon.

KCEB told KSHB 41 a typical April election attracts about 8-13% of voters in the city.

6:30 p.m. | While dozens of races and questions appeared on ballots across the area Tuesday, the debate on Question 1, the stadium sales tax question, was the focus of intense campaigning on both sides of the issue.

KSHB 41's Charlie Keegan spent Tuesday looking at what happens next if either the "Yes" or "No" votes win.

Watch Charlie's report in the video player below.

What happens next if 'yes' or 'no' vote wins Tuesday night?