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Young Chiefs fan demonstrates MVP tooth-pulling technique

Posted at 5:27 AM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 07:05:02-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — Jensen Palmer, 7, lives in Illinois, and didn't become a Kansas City Chiefs fan until his October 2019 trip to Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs lost the game to the Houston Texans, but they gained a new fan.

"Good season to become a fan," Shelby Palmer, Jensen's mother, said.

Fast forward to this week, when Jensen had a loose tooth. He's currently out of school because of the coronavirus pandemic, so he's had lots of down time to think of an inventive way to pull the tooth.

His solution was a mix of an old idea and a new one: tying a string to his tooth, but tying the other end of the string to a Chiefs football. His mother filmed the attempt on her phone.

"We thought we better get it on video tape because we thought it'd be funny," Shelby Palmer said. "The string kept breaking the first couple times, and we had to get our string technique right before it would finally work."

In the video, Jensen says, "This is how a MVP gets their tooth out," then tosses the ball across his living room. He's not sure that it worked at first, but after checking his smile with his fingers, he yells, "Oh yeah, it got it!"

"I just wanted to make people happy, and for Patrick Mahomes to see it," Jensen said.

Patrick definitely saw it, and so did more than a million other people. ESPN shared her video on Instagram and Twitter, and Mahomes retweeted it.

"That was his favorite part about all this was that he actually saw it," Shelby Palmer said. "That's what he wanted was Patrick Mahomes to see his video."

The Palmers eventually found Jensen's tooth under the sofa. Jensen told 41 Action News that he's got some other ideas for future teeth.