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Bryant Maddrick



Bryant Maddrick started his career at KSHB 41 in December 2019.

He is a graduate of Temple University. Bryant came to KC after working in Columbus, Ohio at WSYX. Prior to that, he worked at WHP in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WNWO in Toledo, Ohio and KNDU in Kennewick, Washington.

Since he was a child, Bryant’s dream was to be a reporter. He is proud he could turn that dream into a reality. He loves when his work can give a voice to those who are often ignored.
Now that Bryant is in KC, he loves exploring the rich food and music scene. He’s a fan of jazz, R&B, and Jamaican. He would gladly accept any recommendations from Kansas Citians.

Bryant’s favorite movies include Network, Malcolm X, A Soldier’s Story, and Shawshank Redemption. His all-time favorite shows are Law & Order, The Wire, Greenleaf, Jeopardy, In Living Color, Living Single, A Different World, Frasier, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Looking for a good book? Bryant likes Pipe Dream,” “Evil Brothers,” and “They Can’t Kill Us All.”

If he’s not checking the news on KSHB, Bryant likes to read newspapers and also gets information from NPR.

Check him out on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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