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Answering questions from Royals fans about stadium sales-tax vote

From tailgating to transparency, fans want answers
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Posted at 4:22 PM, Mar 28, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royals fans brought their grills, jerseys, and questions to Kauffman Stadium for the team’s home opener Thursday.

Behind all the fun of playing the Minnesota Twins, the Royals management is awaiting a decision from voters on Question 1 of the April 2 ballot.

A “yes” vote would help the team pay for building a new stadium in downtown Kansas City.

A positive vote would also help the Chiefs pay for renovations to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium.

KSHB 41 News asked fans what questions they have before they vote.

Why would they go downtown?

Lance Scott asked this question. He feels like moving is simply trendy, not practical. The Royals argue Kauffman Stadium’s useful lifespan is coming to an end.

They believe a downtown location with some entertainment district gives them more revenue streams which could help them sign higher-priced players.

Plus, Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman believes baseball can have a positive impact downtown.

“Helping to further connect the cultural center of our great city,” Sherman said in February.

Why should voters trust the process?

Dan Vaill argues the teams haven’t been transparent and continue to change their plan.

The Royals missed their own deadline last September to pick a location. It didn’t announce the Crossroads location preference until February.

This week, the team decided to keep Oak Street open after original designs closed the north-south street. The change came after no-excuse absentee voting began.

“We’ve listened to the community, to Crossroads business owners, to elected officials that Oak Street being open is something they very much want,” Royals president of business operations Brooks Sherman (no relation to John) said Wednesday.

How is parking supposed to work?

Parking will take place mostly in existing garages and lots around downtown.

The Royals want to work with owners of the lots to create a system where you can reserve parking on an app ahead of time.

Robert Mills worries event with an app, the price of parking will be higher downtown.

Will there be shuttles to the new stadium? If so, where?

Kim Lugo liked how the KC Current women’s soccer team provided shuttles for fans to its first game at the riverfront stadium.

The Royals do not have plans for shuttles to the stadium. But parking might be cheaper if you park farther away.

Where am I going to tailgate?

Marissa Smith, Robert Lugo, and several other fans tailgating Thursday asked this same question.

There's no doubt it'll be harder to set up buses, tables, and grills in downtown Kansas City, but don't rule out tailgating altogether.

A consultant working with the Royals said the team's looking at tailgating options at existing downtown parking lots.

"Some of the lots are surface, so whether or not we can work out agreements on the tailgating, I think that's part of the conversation,” explained Jeff McKerrow, a senior transportation engineer at Kimley-Horn.

What is the next step if the vote is no?

John Tompkins is nervous what happens after a “no” vote. Both teams said they'll explore their options.

In 2004, voters said “no” to a proposal. The teams came back in 2006 with a different question which voters approved.