Chiefs coach Andy Reid hopes OC Eric Bieniemy 'has opportunity to run show somewhere’

Super Bowl Football
Posted at 5:26 PM, Feb 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-13 18:26:40-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After winning two Super Bowls in four the last four seasons, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have no plans to break up the band.

Reid reiterated Monday morning, a day after the Kansas City Chiefs rallied past Philadelphia to win Super Bowl LVII, that he had no plans to retire.

He went even farther saying that it’s not something he spends much time thinking about.

“I know I got asked that a lot (this week) and I wasn’t really expecting to, but I haven’t put much thought into all that,” Reid said. “I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I’ve got this guy over here that's a pretty good player, so we’re doing OK.”

Reid was gesturing to Mahomes — who won his second Pete Rozelle Trophy, given annually to the Super Bowl Bowl MVP.

During five seasons with Mahomes as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, Kansas City has hosted an NFL-record five straight AFC Championship Games, reached three Super Bowls and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy twice.

Even with significant roster turnover and a reliance on rookies, especially on defense, the Reid-Mahomes marriage produced magic once again in 2022 — with no sign it’s stopping soon.

“I said it before the year and I’ll always say it — as long as Andy Reid is coaching us, we’re always going to have a chance,” Mahomes said. “I’ll keep the big guy around a couple more years at least and we’ll try to be back in this game as many times as possible.”

More roster turnover is inevitable, and there also could be some significant changes coming for the Chiefs’ coaching staff.

Offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who has interviewed with more than a dozen NFL teams for head-coaching vacancies, may be among those on the move.

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He’s interviewed at least 16 times for a promotion, including earlier this offseason with Indianapolis, but no NFL franchise has handed him the keys.

That has fueled speculation that Bieniemy may have to leave Reid’s considerable shadow to prove himself to NFL owners.

With former Reid disciples Ron Rivera and John Harbaugh reportedly interested in bringing Bieniemy on board as the offensive coordinator in Washington or Baltimore, respectively, it appears that may happen this offseason, according to multiple reports.

Contrary to quashing the retirement report, Reid didn’t rule out Bieniemy’s departure from the coaching staff Monday morning.

“Eric Bieniemy has been tremendous for us and I think he’s tremendous for the National Football League,” Reid said. “I’m hoping he has an opportunity to go somewhere and do his thing, where he can run the show and be Eric Bieniemy.”

Reid said that may not be the only departure, but that he welcomes new opportunities for his staff because they’ve earned it.

“I always wish our guys the best of luck,” he said. “An opportunity, that’s what all of them deserve. They work hard If they can get a promotion somewhere that I can't give them, more power to them.”