We’re excited for this year’s Gift of Sole. In addition to accepting donations for shoes for boys and girls across Kansas City, we’re excited to announce this year’s effort will be capped off by the Gift of Sole gala.

The gala is set for Thursday, Oct. 27, at the Abbott event space, located at 1901 Cherry Street in the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, Missouri.

More about the event in the link just below:

Gift of Sole is our KSHB 41 community station campaign inviting our viewers to make a financial donation to buy sneakers for children whose parents are financially struggling and cannot afford it. When boys and girls receive the sneakers, they feel that love, and their self-esteem soars. When their self-esteem soars, they have a new lease on life — which can have a positive impact on their behavior and grades in school, as well as inspire new hope in their future.

We're proud to be back for a second year of Gift of Sole. Our first-ever effort in 2021 raised more than $46,735. The donations were used to purchase 850 pairs of shoes that were distributed to boys and girls across Kansas City.

KSHB 41 is joining forces with our parent company’s charitable foundation, the Scripps Howard Fund, to make it easy to give to this very worthwhile cause. One hundred percent of your donation will be used to ensure eligible children across the Kansas City metro will receive new tennis shoes this year via the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City and the Urban Ranger Corps of Kansas City.

This year's effort will culminate with the Gift of Sole Gala, set for 6 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 27, at The Abbott event space, 1901 Cherry St., in Kansas City, Missouri.

KSHB 41 News Anchor Kevin Holmes is the driving force of our Gift of Sole initiative. As a teenager, Kevin personally experienced the sinking, embarrassing feeling of going to school without a cool pair of sneakers. In his volunteer work with a mentoring organization with Kansas City Public Schools, Kevin has personally met dozens of teenage boys who feel deflated and ashamed because they either don’t have any sneakers or they have a pair of sneakers they’ve been wearing for two or three years that are falling apart and ugly.

Our Gift of Sole campaign is NOT about getting the latest, greatest, high-end, brand name shoes into the hands of children in need, so they can be fashionable in school and on the basketball court. This station initiative IS ABOUT letting children know that people care about them and want them to succeed. This is our effort to surround students facing financial challenges at home with a community of people who are making a statement by donating a pair of sneakers. Donors are affirming that the teenagers are valuable, important and worthy of having a quality pair of sneakers like other children.

Our beneficiary organizations serve KCPS students. One hundred percent of KCPS students receive a free lunch because almost half of KCPS students are from low-income families living in poverty. So, the need is clear and convincing. Our Gift of Sole campaign will be a unifying moment for community. Our station is leading the charge to stand together and take action to impact a generation of students newly equipped to soar high at school and in life because they have a new pair of sneakers.

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